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surfed magiclands at about 2 foot. very clean and glassy, just a bit small. full house today with roh, lee, benny, dave, smurf and me. 19

daylight savings

an early morning as we just switched to daylight savings..yay summer is on its way forgot to take any photos but i just found this link of where they have amazing photos in their forecast for philip island.. even an aerial overview.. anyways, a great surf down at magiclands. glassy 4 foot and a left hander..what more can you ask for. best surf since the mentawais.. just roh, lee and me. 11 oh and as we left, westernport bay was so glassy you could waterski on it.. at least that is what these guys thought :

another magiclands surf

surfed at magiclands again. even though it was busy there were still heaps of waves going through, enough for everyone. about 4 foot and offshore. a nice sunny day and a very good bank.. what more can you ask for. roh, lee and tom. saw mick from the safe to sea blog. well worth a read. he usually surfs the same area as we do and always has a funny anecdote to tell. 10