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the hump the hump the hump

surfed the hump with lee and roh on sunday morning. looked at killy and williamsons, but it was out of control there. nice lefts and rights on a pitchy wave. only have photos of williamsons. 5-

Thirty Thousand

A Surfing Odyssey from Casablanca to Cape Town. Two Australian surfers travel thirty thousand kilometres through west Africa on a year-long adventure in search of undiscovered waves.

chunky woolamai

surfed woolamai on saturday afternoon. the wind got up a bit and the swell was still very powerful. everyone got a nice paddle training and some actually caught a wave or two. not me though :(. smurf, roh, wal, mitch and me. 0


looked at bells but there was a comp on by the local boardriders club so ended up surfing steps at 4 foot. roh, lee, dave and me. 7

paddling against the rip

Surfed Woolemai at about 4 foot, lefts and rights close to the second carpark. it was a bit busy for winter but the peaks were moving around and the rip kept everyone honest. lee, roh, jeremy and tom. I’m still waiting for my lens to be repaired, so only camera phone photos: 6