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we haven’t had much luck the last couple of weeks. the banks haven’t been great and this time the tide was very low with not very clean swell. we looked at kilcunda and williamsons, then decided to have some breakfast.. looked at woolamai and because everyone was desperate for a surf walked down to magiclands and went for a paddle.. it promised nothing and delivered… (nothing). anyway had a body surf in the shore break afterwards and the water is still beautiful. the usual suspects: roh, dave, lee and tom 0

not so magic

surfed woolies the other day with lee. the banks are slowly returning, so we got out paddled around half way towards magic lands, then got out walked to magic lands itself. clean and glassy but the banks are still not great.. 5

diddly squat

even though costalwatch said “3-4ft plus surf at Woolamai, decreasing slightly later in the day. NE-SE wind. Clean offshore surf on the open beaches.” they failed to mention that THERE ARE NO BANKS !.. ahum.. i’m ok now.. great report guys !! at least swellnet had it right (more than 1.5 hours later) with “Frustrating and dissapointing conditions with a light NE off-shore wind but sloppy poorly formed waves. The swell came up yesterday arvo but seems to have peaked for now and backed off” anyways.. a nice breakfast and 200+ km later i’m back at home.


surfed at woolamai at 2.5-3 foot, nice easterly offshore and a bit of an easterly swell so left-handers galore. roh, lee and tom 13+

happy new year indeed

looked around rye first but it was a bit bumpy there then ended up surfing the same place as last year at a little big bigger. very enjoyable at 3-3.5 foot. benny, roh, dave, jeremy, logger, phil and tom. mick showed up as well. 8+

another surf comp..

surfed woolamai at a clean 3 foot. there was another surf comp on, this time by the philip island boardriders club. benny, roh, jeremy, tom and smurf. 8+