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transit of venus

so i found a way to create a solar filter. i first tried aluminium foil because i could remember seeing the sun through it when i was little. looks like the foil we have now in the kitchen drawer is of more robust quality and no light gets through. (or my memory is going ….whatchamacallit…) i found a good pointer on the internets that 2 layers of a mylar emergency blanket does the trick.. and i happen to have a few of those so: after i did that, it was pretty late and the only test i could do was on a halogen light pretty cool, by this time i just double check at what time on thursday the transit would happen..correction: wednesday, so there goes my trial run. i get up early, get everything done before the transit starts.. sun still behind the house next door.. so i take telle to daycare and just point the camera to the sun ,snap and: and that first sight of that photo was just a moment of awe… this little dot is the size of earth…and the sun….is humongous !!! told the neighbours, i showed the coffee guy, and anyone at work who was half interested.. and kept snapping the whole time.. one of the last ones is my favorite because you can also see the sun spots: this was a great day.. i’m still buzzing. more photos at

fleminton photowalk

went for a wander around flemington this sunday. [flickrset id=”72157629521859870″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”large”]