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polywell electrostatic fusion devices

Dr. Richard Nebel from? EMC2 is continuing Dr. Robert Bussards Polywell Fusion ideas to produce a machine that can produce unlimited clean and safe electricity. I found a forum where Dr. Nebel and heaps of other people discuss the progress, problems and simulations on how this device will work. Indrek Mandre has created some very pretty simulations of the electric field and some animations of the electron paths here polywell polywell electric field ps: if you have no idea what this is all about please watch Dr. Bussards presentation at the Google campus? this man could become famous for saving the world.

friesland photos

today we took a drive to the north of holland to the province of friesland. the first thing that i noticed is that there are wind turbines everywhere over here ! as far as the eye can see, no matter where you are there are wind turbines.. and they look good !! they will start building wind parks offshore in the ocean soon as well. wind turbines everywhere heeg, friesland

sustainable voices

The podcast on this: site is very interesting. Especially the episode about peak oil and it’s effect on food security it’s about 45 minutes long but worth the listen.

the circular internet

about a year and a half ago a few friends and i had a bit of an ‘email war’ about the price of petrol. this was all started by one of those ‘boycot [insert scumbag oil company name here] and they will have to drop the price’ emails..i put forward the opinion that i think the petrol price should go up much much more.. because that would make people think twice about uneconomical cars and start considering public transport.. (plus it would free up the freeway so i can get to work on time one of my friends.. let’s call him ‘craig’ then did some handy work with photoshop and came up with this image that he send to about 6 of us –> we all had a laugh and that was that. to my surprise i since have received the same image in one of those emails with ‘funny’ pictures twice. first about half a year ago where i could trace the original coming from new zealand.. and just two days ago i got another one with even more images attached to it… be carefull with what you send out there.. it may come back.. tom