energy theft

battery technology is improving very fast at the moment, i just read about the new lithium-ion combination with carbon nano-structures and air-batteries that promise a 10 fold improvement on current capacity.
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in a couple of years i can imagine a ‘current affair’ report that follows somebody from work to home to ‘out’ them as stealing electricity from work.

almost everyone has a phone charger at work, but i can imagine a suitcase full of batteries (and an apple for lunch) being used for some heavy duty energy transport.

so currently laptops have li-ion batteries at about 50W/h.. you’d fit about 20 of those in a big suitcase = 1 KW/h .. the new air breathing batteries will have a 15 fold increase in energy density = 15 KW/h in a suitcase.

at A$ 0.18 a KW/h at top tariff.. well.. i guess not a ‘current affair’ material yet… “man steals A$2.70 a day”

it’s only a matter of time.. and you heard it here first.