And time began seriously to pass

when walking the dog i stepped on a few snails by accident. it was dark and its raining so there were heaps of them out on the footpath.

the snails here look a lot like the ones in the Netherlands, so i thought, they must all come from a similar place and have (very) slowly populated the whole world (or so the book of knowledge tells me )

how slowly ? how long would it be for a land-snail (population, i assume an individual snail might not make it in his lifetime) to go around the world ?

there’s a few different references on snails pace, but 1 mm/sec seems to be the most common one.
1 mm/s = 3.6 meter/hour for say 8 hours a night = 28.8 m/day = 10.5 km/year.

so it would take them 3816 years to do a lap of the world (40.075 km at the equator).

4000 years doesn’t seem that bad