Monthly Archives: November 2011

Dé van Minden

my dad used to have a lighting store in the netherlands and every day 1 or 2 lighting reps used to drop by the store. some are annoying, some are smooth slimey salesmen, some are funny and then there was ‘deetje’, a 100% pure ‘Amsterdammer’ no B.S., funny and larger than life. he always had heaps of stories to tell from the road, an avid Ajax supporter and one of the few reps that were invited for lunch (we lived behind the store) whenever he dropped by. he even paid his respect at my dads funeral. it’s sad to hear that he passed away last week at 94,  my mum pointed me to this little video of his time at the local TV station commentating on Ajax. it gives you a small glimpse of how he was. [pk_video_player width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”none” autoplay=”false” cover=”” video_url=””] rest in peace deetje !

the hump the hump the hump

surfed the hump with lee and roh on sunday morning. looked at killy and williamsons, but it was out of control there. nice lefts and rights on a pitchy wave. only have photos of williamsons. 5-


this evening i was outside with my daughter when she pointed up and with a loud voice said ‘MOOOOOOOON’, she has been fascinated by the moon from age 1 and it seems to only get more excited by seeing it hang in the evening sky.   the first time i looked at the moon through a cheap telescope, this obviously humongous object silently slid from one side of the ocular to the other as the earth rotated underneath it. it felt like a humongous spaceship or the death star. (i found out the hard way that the moon is way too bright to look at like that.. use a filter kids !!) wolfram alpha tells us how big the moon is