Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

a typical melbourne plumber story

ring a local plumbing company, let’s call them hyflow plumbing for illustration purposes. me calling hyflow plumbing: when could someone come over for a quote ? hyflow plumbing: next tuesday between 10 and 14 Tuesday 15:00 : me calling hyflow plumbing: is there a plumber coming ? hyflow plumbing: Ah the appointment didn’t  synch with his diary so i think, wow, that’s pretty high tech.. me: when can he drop past ? hyflow plumbing: wednesday between 12:00 and 14:00 Wednesday 14:00 plumber: i’m running a 30 minutes late me: no worries, see you in 30 minutes. thanks for letting me know. Wednesday 15:30 me calling plumber back: hi it’s me plumber: <beep> <beep> <beep> me calling hyflow plumbing: is there a plumber coming ? hyflow plumbing: don’t be silly, it’s past 3, they have all gone home me: but he rang me that he would be late, and when i rang back he hung up hyflow plumbing: yeah, well it’s after 3. i can ask what’s happing tomorrow morning. me: nah, don’t worry “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays“ me:  sigh….