Yearly Archives: 2009

venus bay

Looked at Kilcunda, but to be honest, it was: exactly..crap.. so we kept going and found a nice wave at venus bay. i had never surfed there before but i like it. only 3 foot but clean and the left and right were working. 15

woolamai at christmas eve

surfed the whole of woolamai. started almost at magics and the rip slowly took us back past the kiosk. 3 foot onshore, but still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. just lee and me. a little program called videopano created the panorama below from the video above, pretty nifty i thought. 5

early early morning surf

got op earlier than normal for a surf at bells. dave, roh, james and me surfed a clean but small bells on the low tide. about 2-4 foot. 8

small bells

Surfed a small bells at 2-3 foot. very clean and the water is nice and warm. you can tell summer is about to start with the amount of people in the water. a very friendly pharaoh hound was waiting for its owner on the beach. funny dogs they are.. roh, jamie, dave & tom 12

another magiclands surf

surfed at magiclands again. even though it was busy there were still heaps of waves going through, enough for everyone. about 4 foot and offshore. a nice sunny day and a very good bank.. what more can you ask for. roh, lee and tom. saw mick from the safe to sea blog. well worth a read. he usually surfs the same area as we do and always has a funny anecdote to tell. 10


surfed old pumping stations after driving up and down the whole peninsula coast. a lot better that the photo (of heyfield avenue) does suggest. 4.5 foot and sunny. roh, lee, yappa, phil, greg and tom 3


surfed woolamai at about 4-4.5 foot (i know the photos don’t show it) . a beautiful day and we walked magiclands. roh, lee, jamie and tom. 6

kilcunda this sunday

it was a bit bigger than forcast at kilcunda but still heaps of fun. not too many people out, just a bit of a shifting peak. about 4-5 foot, water still cold but there was hardly any wind. as they say ‘better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick’. lee, roh & tom. afterwards stopped at the kilcunda cafe. owners have changed and so has the coffee-quality 5